With his recent release of The Passing, aDm just became the second person ever to solo every campaign in Left 4 Dead 2 on the hardest difficulty, and the first to do so single-segment. He’s also completed custom campaigns, L4D campaigns and melee-only runs.  Today we got a chance to talk to him about himself, his favorite game, and his upcoming projects.

Tell us about yourself, your gaming history and how you got into Left 4 Dead 2 and soloing.

I first started playing video games on the Sega Genesis when I was like 4 or 5 years old. My sister had a friend that was a huge PC gamer and he introduced me to PC gaming when I was around 9 or 10, and I have been playing on PC ever since. At the time I didn’t have my own PC so I’d often go to his place to play. The first game he taught me to play was Rockstar’s GTA:Vice City, and unlike most people I got used to playing with different control sets. Then I started playing stealth games, I was a huge fan of Splinter Cell and Hitman series and stealthed all those games to the maximum ratings. One day my friend bought Left 4 Dead and then I saw him launch the opening scene, I was so hyped watching him play afterwards that I had to try it myself. Not too long after I got my own PC and I played L4D1 myself. All I played was versus mode at the time (2008/2009), I loved being infected because they were so new to me and players weren’t toxic at the start like they are now. Later I came across a YouTuber named mrwiihark  that soloed L4D1 campaigns, I think he was the only one to do that at the time. After watching them I tried to do what he did on pub servers, surviving in the closet alone after the team dies on No Mercy rooftop, I was so hyped whenever I pulled it off. After awhile the L4D2 demo came out and I had to try it out, but it really disappointed me at the time. A lot of people were, since it seemed like the same exact game, and I completely stopped playing them both. In 2013 I got back to the game, and this time my goal was to solo the entire No Mercy campaign, and when I did it successfully I wanted to make a YouTube channel myself. I made some videos but nobody was interested so I deleted the channel since I was so impatient! Later I found the tits and hk channels and was impressed, so I had to try to solo L4D2 but I sucked at it since originally I was L4D1 fanboy and L4D2 hater. L4D2 melee seemed goofy and jockeys were annoying, L4D1 just felt more like a zombie environment. But after time and time again I started get to like L4D2, and when I started playing the game more seriously I noticed L4D2 had more chances that people would be watching it so I prioritized soloing it.

What tips or strategies do you recommend for players hoping to solo Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns?

When I go to pub servers, one of the common mistakes I see is a team camping around trying to kill all the zombies, you need to push forward so you would leave most of the zombies behind and less ahead. I have seen people just waste biles and still not push, haha. Another thing is to learn to deal with SI best way to practice is without zombies example, from the main menu use these commands, sv_cheats 1. Map c1m2_streets or whatever map you want, and type director_stop in the console, and use z_spawn to spawn specific Si to practice against untill ur good enough, etc practice jockey timing to push him away

What’s your favorite campaign in Left 4 Dead 2? What’s the hardest campaign to solo?

My favorite L4D2 campaign is Dead Center and my favorite from L4D1 is No Mercy. The hardest one is definitely The Passing!

When you solo custom campaigns like Resident Evil or Journey to Splash Mountain, how do they feel different from a base Valve campaign? Do you have to change up your strategy at all when tackling custom campaigns?

I don’t find much of a difference between Valve and customs campaigns, only the lack of map knowledge makes it harder. I always just run around an empty map first to know all the routes I’ll need.

Now that you’ve soloed all of Left 4 Dead 2, what are you looking to do going forward?

Now am going to solo all campaigns melee-only! Besides that I do other walkthroughs for various mutations/mods, sometimes I do custom campaigns either on request or just as an extra.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Well, good luck to the solo community and hope it grows even bigger in the future 🙂