Aabicus Archives

You can count on me!


1. Major League Magic

major legaue magic twitter.png

I created and maintained the Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages for Major League Magic. I also created the official website, wrote regular press releases and the press kit, casted official tournaments, and attended conventions dressed as a wizard.

2. Medical Necessity

I created and maintained the Twitter page for Medical Necessity. I also published weekly dev diaries, wrote/maintained the design document, and created/maintained a design wiki for internal team communication. I also handled communication with external contractors and negotiated with third parties for sponsorships.

3. Oceans Infinity


I created and maintained the Twitter page for Oceans Infinity. I also publish announcements for upcoming playtests and am one of the two regular casters during the biweekly streams.

4. Subreddits


I enjoy creating subreddit stylesheets in CSS, look at r/LiaoMains for an example of my usual work.

5. Wikis

darwins soldiers wiki.png

I have been editing Wikipedia and Wikia for over ten years, and I’ve created over 800 articles on various topics and franchises.