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Accolades and Records

1. Major League Magic won first place for ‘Technical Innovation’ at Sammy Showcase 2018. (I’m the wizard in the middle)

major league wins award.png

2. The Just Us League won $3,000 and first place in a contest to design a board game for Ford Motor Company.

Just Us League title image

3. I was voted by my fellow students to give the graduation speech for the UCSC Games & Playable Media class of 2018.

4. The first quarter of my Master’s program, all 33 students in the class pitched game concepts to a panel of industry professionals. I was one of the seven students chosen to be Creative Directors for the projects that would compose the rest of the school year. You can follow Medical Necessity‘s development here!

5. I was chosen to be a judge for the 2020 and 2019 Greenlight pitches, for the UCSC Games & Playable Media classes following my own.


6. I was voted by the players of League Zero to cast the 2019 Overwatch Grand Finals between Plat Chat and Pepega Parrots.

7. Meteor Magnet Miner won first place in TinyJam 2018, a contest to create a game within 4 days.


8. I have three unique records in my gaming career: I’m the first person to beat Pokemon Red with only a Magikarp, I won the first ever PvP duel in Legends of Equestria history, and I’m the only verified Overwatch player to levelup 3 times after a single match.