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Hello! Please find attached examples of articles, videos, games, quests, NPCs, images and GIFs I’ve created.

1. Articles: I’m chief editor of The Daily SPUF, a news site dedicated to PC gaming and the games industry. On this blog you can find copies of all 500+ articles I’ve written for it and other websites. Some articles that showcase my breadth of focus are “What Makes a Free-to-Play Game Successful?“, “On Blood“, “Differentiating Your Baddies“, “A Model Modeler“, and “I Attended DreamHack 2016!“.

2. Videos: These videos are some of the many weekly videos I upload to the Daily SPUF YouTube channel, The SPUF of Legend:

3. Games: I’ve been making games in Clickteam Fusion since middle school, and more recently have begun learning Unity and C++. Here are links to three select projects I’ve made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and Unity. You can play all of my games here!

ZoneOut thumbnail.png

WitW thumbnail.png

MMM thumbnail.png

4. GIFs: I also make GIFs for incorporating into my articles. All of my GIFs are hosted on gyfcat, where they’ve been viewed over 2 million times.