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Hello! Please find attached examples of articles, videos, games, quests, NPCs, images and GIFs I’ve created.

1. Articles: I’m chief editor of The Daily SPUF, a news site dedicated to PC gaming and the games industry. On this blog you can find copies of all 500+ articles I’ve written for it and other websites. Some articles that showcase my breadth of focus are “What Makes a Free-to-Play Game Successful?“, “On Blood“, “Differentiating Your Baddies“, “A Model Modeler“, and “I Attended DreamHack 2016!“.

2. Videos: These videos are some of the many weekly videos I upload to the Daily SPUF YouTube channel, The SPUF of Legend:

3. Games: I’ve been making games in Clickteam Fusion since middle school, and more recently have begun learning Unity and C++. Here are links to three select projects I’ve made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and Unity. You can play all of my games here!

ZoneOut thumbnail.png

WitW thumbnail.png


4. GIFs: I also make GIFs for incorporating into my articles. All of my GIFs are hosted on gyfcat, where they’ve been viewed over a million times.