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Voice Acting

I record with a Yeti Microphone and edit sound files in Audacity.

1. The Daily SPUF official YouTube channel is a great place to hear my default voice, containing over five years of weekly videos discussing various gaming topics.


2. I voiced the main character, Officer James Torch, in a murder mystery adventure game called The Covered Dawn.

3. I voiced Carl in The Calls, an exploration game where the player helps prepare a friend’s housewarming party, but things aren’t what they seem.

4. I voiced the protagonist in The Dead Mines, an exploration game about shutting off leaking gas pipes in an abandoned mine.

5. I voiced a police officer and various civilians in Peace and Order, a VR game about the Philippine Drug War.

Peace and Order

6. I voiced the radio guy in Deflection, a ricochet-based shooter made in the Unreal Engine.


7. I narrated a Speedrunner tools tutorial for PCI Gaming, the internet’s leading Left 4 Dead 2 speedrunning team.

8. The official trailer for ForzeBreak, a vehicle brawler on Steam, uses audio recordings from me shoutcasting their first tournament.

9. PCI Gaming brought me back to voice the introduction for their 2016-2019 Agar.io fragmovie compilation.

10. I voiced Rooter in a fandub of the 1988 movie The Land Before Time.