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This portfolio covers any notable writing that was commissioned or published by a third party. I also have a different portfolio with my personal writing projects here.

1. Legends of Equestria

I’m the longest-serving writer for the MMORPG Legends of EquestriaWith 18 quests and 38 NPCs to my name, I’ve written more content than anyone on the project. I’ve also edited countless quests and NPCs for other writers on the team.
Here’s a link where you can peruse copies of my quests and NPCs. Some of my favorites are “The Monsters are Due in Midway Village“, “Full Yellow Jacket“, “Metamorphic Ventures“, NPC Point Dexter and NPC Purple Rain. Note that every NPC in Legends of Equestria comes with a character bio, backstory speech and at least ten lines of idle dialogue. The project managers are very keen on subverting Welcome to Corneria.

2. Book editing

I was a credited editor on the best-selling business books Legendary Service: The Key is to Care by Ken Blanchard, and Brilliance By Design by Vicki Halsey.

two books.png

3. Traveller

traveller compendium 3.png

I have a published chapter in Traveller Compendium 3 called “A Guide to Undercover Missions on Low-Tech Planets.” Traveller is the oldest sci-fi tabletop RPG on the market, having been continually-published since 1977.

I also worked as a professional GM for Mongoose Publishing from February 2012 to February 2013. I would attend RPG conventions and run self-made sessions for attendees.

4. Your Royal Gayness


I wrote a series of side quests for Your Royal Gayness, a kingdom simulator on Steam. Player controls Amir, a gay prince attempting to legalize gay marriage before he’s forced to marry one of the realm’s many interested princesses.

5. The Daily SPUF


I’m the founder and 7-year editor for The Daily SPUF, a gaming news site that publishes new articles every day. I’ve written over 500 articles for the site and also release weekly videos for the tie-in YouTube channel The SPUF of Legend.

6. Lambda Generation


From August 2014 to October 2015 I was a regular columnist for LambdaGeneration, a site dedicated to Valve Corporation franchises. I wrote articles about Team Fortress 2 until the site tightened their focus to only cover Half-Life and Portal.

7. Daily eSports

daily esports.png

From July 2018 to December 2019 I was a writer for Daily eSports, a site dedicated to competitive online multiplayer games. I mostly wrote about Overwatch and Fortnite.



From June 2019 to January 2020 I was a writer for VGFAQ, a site dedicated to releasing frequent guides, walkthroughs, and news for recently-released video games.

9. Spectrum


I worked as an editor for Spectrum magazine from October 2009 to September 2011. Spectrum is the oldest literary magazine in the UC school system, having turned 61 in 2018.

10. Kings of Greek Mythology

kings greek mythology.png

My undergraduate writing was cited in an academic book, Kings of Greek Mythology by Burton Menomi.

11. The Chaparralian


My first-ever publication was a short poem, Inertia, published in Volume 7, Issue 2 of The Chaparralian journal.