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My specialty is dev/placeholder art, but sometimes my content makes it into the final product. I also usually create my own visuals for any personal games. Most of the sprites were created pixel-by-pixel in the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 sprite editor. Anything non-pixel was drawn in Procreate and cleaned/shaded in Photoshop. Feel free to also check my DeviantArt page for assorted standalone artwork.

Games fully utilizing my art

1. Electra City is a 2-player fighting game set on the rooftop of a cyberpunk city. It features 4 playable characters with 2 palettes each. Every character has 3 unique attacks and 9 different animation sets.

2. Gamer 2 is a pixel platformer starring a wolf trapped in a virtual reality machine. It features 7 levels set in completely different environments, over a dozen different types of enemies and characters, and fully-animated cutscenes rendered in-engine.

3. Zone Out is an in-browser office simulator where the player can complete a number of minigames in a corporate setting. It contains higher-fidelity sprites than my old 8-bit style, and a more advanced game engine allowing morphing, jigglebones, and physics objects.


4. The Wolf and the Waves is an in-browser survival game starring a werewolf collecting plants on a remote tropical island. It features procedural enemy and item spawns, three different island biomes, and a player character that can change forms with form-specific attacks and movement systems.

Title Card


5. I created this skybox texture for an upcoming Doom wad being developed by DoomWorld user ‘jacket’.


6. I drew over two dozen images for a fully-illustrated D&D Guide to Druids. Linework was done in Procreate and exported to Photoshop for shading and cleanup.

ball bearings

7. I’ve created texture mods for Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2, Just Cause 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and Ultimate Arena. Overall they’ve racked up over 100,000 views and 20,000 downloads as of 2022.

Emilena and Carbuncle