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You can count on me!


1. Writing and editing: Whether it’s articles, stories, websites, screenplays, stage plays, RPG modules, social media posts, or in-game content, I’ve written and edited content in dozens of different capacities.

  •  I have a published module in Traveller Compendium 3 called “A Guide to Undercover Missions on Low-Tech Planets.” Traveller is the oldest sci-fi tabletop RPG on the market, having been continually-published since 1977.
  • I’m the longest-serving writer for the MMORPG Legends of Equestria. With 18 quests and 38 NPCs to my name, I’ve written more content than anyone on the project.
    Here’s a link where you can peruse copies of my quests and NPCs. Some of my favorites are “The Monsters are Due in Midway Village“, “Full Yellow Jacket“, “Metamorphic Ventures“, NPC Point Dexter and NPC Purple Rain. Note that every NPC in Legends of Equestria comes with a character bio, backstory speech and at least ten lines of idle dialogue. The project managers are very keen on subverting Welcome to Corneria.
  • I’m currently a quest-writer for Your Royal Gayness, a Kickstarter-backed visual novel where the player is a gay prince attempting to legalize gay marriage before he’s forced to marry one of the realm’s many interested princesses.
  • From August 2014 to October 2015 I was a regular columnist for LambdaGeneration, a site dedicated to Valve Corporation franchises. I wrote articles about Team Fortress 2 until the site tightened their focus to only cover Half-Life and Portal.
  • I edited the instruction manual for the discontinued board game Shortcut Game Mat.

2. Marketing: I’ve worked as a social media manager for employees at The Ken Blanchard companies and DBX Travel. I scheduled regular Facebook and Twitter posts. I also created the website and multiple social media pages for Major League Magic, not to mention I’ve attended conventions dressed as a wizard to drum up word of mouth.


3. Voice acting: I’ve voice-acted in several online videos and games, usually as a narrator. I normally record using a Yeti Microphone and Audacity:

  • I voiced the main character, Officer James Torch, in a murder mystery adventure game called The Covered Dawn.
  • I voiced Carl in The Calls, an exploration game where the player helps prepare a friend’s housewarming party, but things aren’t what they seem.

Dead Mines.png

  • I voiced the protagonist in The Dead Mines, an exploration game about shutting off leaking gas pipes in an abandoned mine.
  • I narrated a Speedrunner tools tutorial for PCI Gaming, the internet’s leading Left 4 Dead 2 speedrunning team.
  • I shoutcasted around 40 matches for Primal, a competitive Overwatch team who was active in June 2016. I would stream the games on Twitch with OBS and upload VODs to YouTube.

4. Video editing: I’ve created hundreds of videos for various websites and blogs:

  • I attended GDC 2019 on behalf of YouTube channel VGFAQ and created over three dozen videos of content coverage. I interviewed game developers and tech demos, recorded lectures, and chronicled unique events. I also created thumbnails in Photoshop and handled each video’s SEO elements.
  • From August 2014 to September 2016, I freelanced as a video editor for The Ken Blanchard companies. At the time I worked in Sony Vegas Pro.
  • From February 2016 to the present, I’ve released weekly videos for The Daily SPUF‘s official YouTube channel The SPUF of Legend. These days I work in Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 and use a Yeti microphone for recording audio.
  • I created the official trailer for a multiplayer arena brawler called Major League Magic:
  • I also regularly make GIFs for Daily SPUF and Daily eSports articles or for posting on reddit.

5. Wiki writing: Do you want a kickass wiki for your game? I’ve been editing Wikipedia and Wikia for over seven years, and I’ve created over 800 articles on various topics and franchises. While I’m at it, I can make your product a good-looking TV Tropes page too.