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You can count on me!


Most of my games are made in either Unity or Clickteam Fusion 2. 5 Developer.

I have many other smaller projects on aabicus.itch.io.

1. Major League Magic

A multiplayer competitive arena brawler. Choose from a variety of different spells and fight other players in an ever-shifting arena! Heavy emphasis on environmental destruction/creation and mobility, think Fortnite meets Quake.

I’m the lead writer/marketer. I wrote the in-game spell descriptions, created social media sites and the official website, published press releases and a press kit, and casted official tournaments. I also attended conventions dressed as a wizard!

2. Oceans Infinity

A crowdplay game designed to be streamed on Mixer. One viewer controls Gaston, gentleman thief who robs banks using his army of nanobots (the other viewers). Get rich together!

I worked on the initial game design and characterization of the setting and protagonist. I maintained the design document, wrote initial in-universe dialogue and the opening tutorial screen, and also created/maintained social media presence. I’m also one of the two regular casters during livestreams.

3. Meteor Magnet Miner


Developed by a team of four and first-place winner of TinyJam 2018. Playable in-browser. Take control of a magnetic ship and navigate an asteroid field to collect ore and return it to Earth. Beware of hostile alien ships!

I came up with the initial design and was primary playtester. I also designed a prototype in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer to quickly test game concepts.

5. Zone Out


An in-browser point-and-click office simulator. Spend a typical day at work, throw paper balls into the wastebasket or feed documents to the pneumatic tubes. Plenty of other little secrets to find as well!

I created all the sprites for this game using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer, Photoshop and Piskel.

6. The Wolf and the Waves

Title Card.png

An in-browser survival game inspired by Miasmata and Inner Worlds. You play a penitent werewolf traveling to a remote island seeking a cure for his lycanthropy. Can you survive long enough to craft the antidote?

The largest of my college solo projects, it features procedural enemy and item spawns, three different island biomes, and a player character that can change forms with form-specific attacks and movement systems. Also features a custom soundtrack composed by WydOcean. I wrote all the code in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer, completed all the spritework in Piskel, and wrote all in-game text.

7. Gamer 2

A continuation of a deceased friend’s short story, Gamer 2 is a pixel platformer starring a wolf named Hailey trapped in a virtual reality machine. The largest of my pre-college projects, it features 8 complete levels, 7 different enemy types with unique AI, and a custom soundtrack composed by SydMeeker. I wrote all the code in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer, completed all the spritework in Piskel, and wrote all in-game text. I also completed a fully-illustrated walkthrough to practice wiki scripting.