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I use Nvidia Shadowplay for recording, Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, and Audacity for sound editing. A lot of my older videos were made with Sony Vegas Pro. YouTube thumbnails are made in Photoshop.

1. I worked for MasterClass obtaining footage for their Will Wright class on Game Design & Theory. I followed very specific requests for creating footage from over two dozens games highlighting the concepts discussed by Mr. Wright. I also served as an advisor, suggesting potential games for demonstrating concepts when the production crew was less familiar with that genre. I worked with Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, Shadowplay for recording, and often used Photoshop to tweak scenes so they looked perfect.

2. I attended GDC as a reporter for the YouTube channel VGFAQ. I interviewed indie devs, recorded lectures, and chronicled important announcements from gaming/tech companies. You can see the full coverage in this playlist, every video is by me.

3. The Daily SPUF official YouTube channel contains the bulk of my work, containing three years of weekly videos discussing various gaming topics. Some specific examples are linked below:

4. I also created the official trailer for Major League Magic, a multiplayer arena shooter revolving around spellcasting and environmental destruction:

5. I also regularly create GIFs for articles on either The Daily SPUF or Daily eSports. Here’s an example of the GIF-heavy article style I’ve found has been good for appealing to readership.