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You can count on me!


1. Major League Magic

major legaue magic twitter.png

I created and maintained the Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages for Major League Magic. I also created the official website, wrote regular press releases and the press kit, casted official tournaments, and attended conventions dressed as a wizard.

(Note: This game went through a huge rebranding at a point after I’d left the team, and most of the above links no longer work. If you wish to see these webpages as they looked, you can download HTML copies here.)

2. Medical Necessity

I created and maintained the Twitter page for Medical Necessity. I also published weekly dev diaries, wrote/maintained the design document, and created/maintained a design wiki for internal team communication. I also handled communication with external contractors and negotiated with third parties for sponsorships.

3. Oceans Infinity


I created and maintained the Twitter page for Oceans Infinity. I also publish announcements for upcoming playtests and am one of the two regular casters during the biweekly streams.

4. Legends of Equestria

I attended pony conventions representing Legends of Equestria, showcasing upcoming game mechanics and discussing the development of the game. I also represented the writing team on the December 2013 Legends of Equestria livestream.

5. Subreddits


I enjoy creating subreddit stylesheets in CSS, look at r/PetBattles for an example of my usual work.

6. Wikis

darwins soldiers wiki.png

I have been editing Wikipedia and Wikia for over ten years, and I’ve created over 800 articles on various topics and franchises.