We’re switching gears again! Yahoo!

I’m sure you’re all pleased to hear that I’m switching platforms yet again (I’m also sure you totally exist, readers). But I’ve come into contact with a talented illustrator and she wants to make the AGS game with me, and she’s less interested in the ROSS plot. So that’s been put on the backburner. If I do that game it’ll be less “my first experiences with AGS” and more “my next attempt with AGS”. This blog is off to a great start.

But I still feel obligated to get you guys a game now, not when this other game is done. So I present you a simpler plot and a simpler system; Text-based adventures. If adventure games are the classics, these are the classics of classics. The plot, I decided after five minutes of thought, will be a day in the life of my main character, Rudyard Shelton, at the lab he works, which is fully explorable. More of an exploration-based game than objective-based. Stay tuned if that sounds cool (also keep existing. My Magic 8 Ball says signs point to you existing.) 😉