Hey everybody!

Do you all remember the Demoknights vs. Demomen event back in February? Where the demoknights won in a landslide? Sure you do!

We’ll its happening again! And this time, we’re adjusting the way people can enter the event; there will be no prior sign-ups. An hour or later before the event, add me on Steam if you’d like to join and talk to me. I’ll give the server password to the first 18 people in this fashion, meaning until then anybody has a chance of playing. This is to fix the recurring problem where people sign up a week before the event, forget, and then nobody is available when the event actually happens.

Reposting the rules (yes, demoknights still can’t use grenade launchers):

General Rules
-No insulting other players, or players of your team. Everyone should be friendly.
-You may not be in a team, then stay in spectator (or disconnect) for longer than 1 minute. If you go through that limit, you are considered no longer fighting and eligible for replacement.
-No random crits or damage spread.
-If the payload map goes into a third tiebreaker round, the team that won their round fastest gets to choose offense or defense.

-There will be 9 Demomen on this team.
-Any melee unlock is prohibited for you. The only weapons you can use are the Bottle and it’s reskins.
-You may not use the Bootlegger or the Wee Booties. Primary weapons should be either the Stock Grenade Launcher, the Loch-’n’-Load, or the Loose Cannon.
-You may not use the Sticky Jumper, Chargin’ Targe or the Splendid Screen, even if you don’t use a sword or a boot. You may only use the Stock Stickybomb Launcher or the Scottish Resistance (different qualities like Vintage or festive are of course fine).

-There will be 9 Demoknights on this team.
-You may not use any Primary other than the Bootlegger or the Wee Booties. If you have neither, rent one from the Mann Co. Store for the event.
-You may not use any Secondary other than the Chargin’ Targe or the Splendid Screen. If you have neither, obtain 5 demoman achievements and you’ll earn a Chargin’ Targe.
-You may not use the Bottle and any of it’s reskins. You may only use the Eyelander and reskins, the Claidheahm Mor, the Scotsman’s Skullcutter, the Half-Zatochi and the Persian Persuader.

On the specified date, contact aabicus (add him as a friend if necessary) and I’ll give the server password to the first 18 players to make the server. We’re going to make sure everyone who plays can actually connect and has the necessary loadout for their team. Please direct future questions and sign-ups and comments to this thread. This is going to be fun!