So I was leafing through my inventory, trying to figure out how to make loadouts using some stuff I never wear. It was when I tried to make a stat-obsessed LARPer parody using the Merasmus hat that I tried to fit as many counters onto one loadout as possible. Did you realize TF2 now has items that track stuff in every single loadout slot?

And they say Engineer doesn't have enough counters.
And they say Engineer doesn’t have enough counters.

Using the above loadout (along with three strange weapons, with 3 strange parts each, and a strange PDA tool), you now can track:

· The number of kills on your primary weapon
···Three other random stats about things your primary weapon has done
·The number of kills on your secondary weapon
···Three other random stats about things your secondary weapon has done
·The number of melee kills on your melee
·The number of sentry kills on your melee
···Three other random stats about things your melee has done
·The amount of sentry kills from all your melees
·The number of teammates healed with your dispenser
·The number of teammates teleported
·The highest level you helped kill Merasmus
·The number of gifts you’ve given out
·The number of idle accounts you have “new users” you’ve helped
·The number of charges in your Power-up canteen


It’s kind of insane just how many different ways TF2 appeals to Red Mages at this point. For a game where people scoff at the very notion of a “kill:death ratio” or anyone who cares about it, I notice that TF2 doesn’t come with any strange parts for “Control Points captured” or “Flags captured” or anything revolving around the objective. I have very few strange parts myself, because most of them are merely subcounters for people I’ve killed, and I don’t care about that. I grabbed “players extinguished” for my Pyro and Mad Milk, “Buildings Destroyed” for my demoman, since those track things I can’t currently track and…..that’s pretty much as far as it goes.  I really wish Valve would release strange parts for more varied aspects of gameplay.

And while we’re on the topic, I also think that Strange Filters should behave like strange parts, in that they go below your normal counter and track kills on a specific map. Currently, nobody uses them ever because they essentially stop being strange weapons on 99% of TF2 maps, and nobody wants that. (I used one, but only for the prefix.) It’s a shame to see those awesome prefixes go to waste.

So, in conclusion, I won’t be happy until I have one of these:

Strange Dev-Textured High Five