================IMPORTANT INFORMATION======================

The Date:Saturday September 21th at 6pm GMT
The Server: SPUF Custom server
The Rotation: koth_badlands, cp_granary, cp_gullywash

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Picture by FeelGoodInc.
Picture by FeelGoodInc.

On the stroke of 2013, two forums met on a lonely snow-covered hill, then an old abandoned factory, and finally a lonely snow-covered abandoned factory. To settle an old dispute. To prove once and for all which forum was more deserving of the steam that powered it.

In the ensuing battles, gibs flew freely, fallen hats marked their owners’ graves, and basically everyone involved had a great time. So now its time for a rematch!

Like last time, it’ll be Highlander, best of 3 on each map.

YOU CAN’T SIGN UP FOR SLOTS YET. The primary slots become available for signup 24 hours after the posting of this thread. (This is so we don’t punish people who weren’t online when it was posted.) All posts requesting a certain slot before then do not count as a signup. Also, in order to sign up for a certain team you MUST post through that team’s forum. So, to join Team SPUF you must sign up through SPUF.

Finally, like last time, let’s remember this is a friendly rivalry match. Let’s all have fun kicking each others’ asses!