One of the major downsides to real life is that once you die, there’s not much to do. Luckily TF2 doesn’t have this problem, at least if you’re playing Helltower and are currently in Hell. Here are three fun things to occupy the time while you wait for the next round to start.

1. Keep enemy snipers company

I couldn't get a good pic because this guy kept moving around for some reason. But I can assure you he shot nobody for the rest of the round.
I couldn’t get a good pic because he kept moving around for some reason. But I can assure you he shot nobody for the rest of the round.

The optimal strategy as a sniper in Hell is to stand at spawn and shoot people heading for Skull Island. It must get lonely, being so far away from the action, so go over and say hi! Make sure to get a good look at the barrel of his rifle, and keep looking. The sniper will show his thanks by demonstrating secret Australian square-dancing techniques, make sure to emulate them as well as you can. This is a friendship only made in Hell!

You can also befriend mini-sentries and enemy skeletons this way. They don’t realize you’re already dead.

2. Lava falls base jumping

This one is actually doable while you’re still alive, if you’re a scout or a demoknight with legendary trimping skills. This was found by BC_, so I’ll let him demonstrate it:

This is still relevant to ghosts because dying is really all you’ve got to do once you get down there. It’s also nice when ghosts visit the poor stranded helljumper and keep him company. He earned it.

(And no, we can’t find any real reason that platform exists down there. We’re not sure why Valve put it in.)

3. Respawn

If you’re dead, and don’t feel like being dead, check the team count! If you can switch teams, you’ll instantly come back to life with 1 hp at the very spot your ghost was standing! Your next best bet is to grab a spell and hope its one of the ones that heals you, but at this point you aren’t a ghost and this guide cannot help you.