This was a busy week in Team Fortress history! Back in 2007, Valve fixed a very annoying bug with the demo system where it would get all jittery when you played it back. In 2011, they fixed a problem with allclass hats where they wouldn’t appear until you touched a resupply cabinet. November 30th, 2012 saw the release of the Track Terrorizer, War Pig, Pyrotechnic Tote, Bearded Bombardier, Soviet Gentleman, Pocket Purrer, Medi-Mask, Koala Compact and Hat of Cards, the latter of which is one of my favorite Spy hats. 2012 was also the conclusion of the Saxxy Awards, meaning the Tuxxy, Faerie Solitaire Pin, Saxxy Clapper Badge and the Memory Maker all became things at this time as well.

BLU Soldier
To this day, the Tuxxy is part of my favorite Soldier cosmetic set.


There was also a change to the class starter bundles at this time: the items within were now craftable, and came with a name tag instead of the class’ iconic hat. Though nobody realized it at the time, this was foreshadowing for two major rehauls to the Mann Co. Store; the craftability of purchased cosmetic items and the retirement of the iconic hats.