King of the Hill the way Kings played it. Picture by Medic.
King of the Hill the way Kings played it. Picture by Medic.

THE TIME: Saturday December 14 at 6pm GMT
THE PLACE: SPUF Regular server

Who doesn’t love Medieval Mode? I love Medieval Mode. I just get tired of DeGrootKeep after a while.

So, this tournament is going to involve non-medieval maps played with Medieval mode enabled! (The theme is “Maps ruined by mini-sentries”)

Current Map rotation: koth_king, sd_doomsday, and for the tiebreaker/fun round plr_hightower_event (for those of you who’ve wanted to try Medieval with spells ;). After that we’ll be taking requests for other maps the participants might want to play.

More information:
-There will be 8 players per team
-All classes are restricted to one except Engineer, who is not allowed
-Each map will be played in “Best of 3” format
-random crits and damage spread (for what its worth) is disabled.

YOU CANNOT SIGNUP FOR THIS EVENT RIGHT NOW. This gives an unfair advantage to people online when it’s posted, plus many people are notorious for forgetting they signed up. Instead, signups will begin in this thread exactly 48 hours from the moment this was posted. Show up then, and once I post that signups are open, you can grab slots.

I highly recommend you read this strategy guide on Medieval support classes; a team that can make use of Medieval support classes will do far better than 8 people swinging melee weapons wildly.

Special thanks to TheConfusicus for helping design the rotation and rules. En Garde!