Picture by Gen. DeGroot
Picture by Gen. DeGroot

Happy New Year everybody! Ever wondered what TF2 does to celebrate the new year?

They don’t. Probably because its so close to the big Christmas update, nothing notable has ever happened to celebrate the new year. It is, however, Valve’s first week back which means they often fix notable exploits cause by newly introduced weapons.

The first exploit that tragically lost its life this week was on December 31st 2007, When Valve fixed Syringe gun needles dealing harmless knockback to friendlies. This was called ‘needle boosting’ and this incredible-quality video shows it in action:

January 3rd, 2011 saw the removal of an exploit with the new Amputator; taunting and disconnecting (optimally, at the beginning of the round when your  whole team was in spawn with you) caused the healing rings to stay indefinitely, even after death, round end, and team switch.

Four days later they fixed an exploit with the powerjack that let you get the health boost by setting someone on fire and switching to melee before they died of afterburn.

There are two days left, maybe Valve will fix some other exploit before the week is up!