You can't explain it. Picture by FeelGoodInc.
You can’t explain it. Picture by FeelGoodInc.

All glory to Trebel for this awesome visual bug he found.

This glitch could be very old. I wouldn’t be surprised if this existed since the first release of TF2 in 2007. The conditions are simple, but rather unlikely in normal play.

1. Spawn as scout on a map with Resupply Cabinets. Equip the Scattergun.

2. Jump on top of the Resupply Cabinet and reload your scattergun so it ejects a shell onto the top of the cabinet.

3. It’s not a scattergun shell, it’s a nail!


This is almost certainly a holdover from TF2’s Development, when Scout’s primary was the nailgun, like in Team Fortress Classic. Why this is the one spot that shows the old shell…I don’t know. But I’d sure like to know how old this glitch was. It’s also nice to see the nail model was used somewhere, albeit somewhere I doubt many players have thought to look.

If it’s actually a nail. It might just be the really weird way the scattergun shell clips with the resupply cabinet. – iGamr