If our fair blog were a TF2 playstyle, he’d be a roamer.

A while back we switched from spufblog.com to blog.spuf.info, and left the old URL as a redirect that aabicus was paying 18 dollars a year to keep running. Well, it didn’t seem that useful so we’re closing it down. If you don’t interact with the “spufblog.com” URL, this won’t affect you, and really this won’t affect the visible blog in any way.

All posts older than this one have been archived from spuf.blog.com. Welcome to spufblog.com!
Like its predecessor spuf.blog.com, spufblog.com has passed on to that great address bar in the sky.

So if you need to, check and update your bookmarks; the old URL was on the first page of the SPUF megathread for some time.