===============IMPORTANT INFO==========
Where: The SPUF Server
When: Saturday March 22 at 6pm GMT
Rotation: pl_retawdab, cp_tiplevarg, cp_lwobtsud

It’s been a while since we had a SPUF server event, so for this one, we’re keeping it simple. 10v10 Highlander on these mind-bending takes of your favorite maps!

Best out of three wins, but even if one team wins the first two we’re doing the third, because half the fun is trying these maps out!

-damage spread and random crits disabled
-It’s highlander+bootieknight 10th player. Bootieknight player must equip a shield and booties (Why are we having him? So two extra people get to play!)
-payload round winner determined by stopwatch
-attack/defense round winner determined by quickest team to take all three stages
– Signups are now closed. All others may show up at the time of the event and add aabicus as a friend. He’ll release backups in to fill for missing primaries on a first-come-first-serve basis.
-Contact aabicus or Thephantomhunter if you have any questions.
Prepare your minds! These three maps will give your muscle memory a charley horse.