If Team Fortress Classic isn’t retro enough for you, you need to try out Gang Garrison 2!


Taking the other approach to being an old-fashioned TF2, GG2 takes the core concepts of our favorite team-based shooter and renders it in lovable 8-Bit form. All nine classes are present and playable, as are a number of the maps you’ve played and love. Rather tongue-in-cheekly, most of the names in TF2 have been changed to alternates, so you play it on Smoke sponsored by Faucet Studios, and your class choices include Firebug, Healer, and Constructor.

They even have cp_orange!
They even have cp_orange!

The aiming style takes a bit of getting used to but the gameplay is delightfully polished and each class has a clear role to play. The background music is entirely composed of chiptunes of your favorite TF2 songs, and the loading screens, killcams, and pretty much everything you can think of homages TF2. As it’s a free-to-play download, every TF2 fan should play it at least once.

Also, when on the character select screen, try pressing Q. Also make sure to give their own SPUF a look, some very nice guides and friendly people on there!