Hi all! Just thought I’d take a chance to let you know that a fanmade MMO I work for, Legends of Equestria, is having an Open Server Weekend right now, where you can play it and try it out!

Set in the world of Equestria, you first get to make your own pony through an intensive character creation system, and then you’re free to explore five different expansive regions, including starter cities for the three main species. Go on quests, purchase and wear cosmetics, and even adopt pets! I’m one of the writers, and I’m really proud of all the content we’ve added so far for players to do.

The game certainly isn’t done yet and if you like what you see, know that big things are still coming on the horizon. The game is (and always will be) completely free, and we’ve got over a thousand players on the servers right now!

Also, if you’re wondering how this is SPUF-related, visit Cloudopolis and you can talk to this NPC:


He’d be happy to share with you his opinions on the weapons in the game, as well as the relationships between races (he thinks unicorns are overpowered). See you there!