Are you one of those TF2 SPUFers who discuss TF2 despite not actually playing the game anymore? Or perhaps you still play TF2, but you miss the wonder of random criticals when on SPUF and not playing the game. Well, does SPUFer Thorisoka have the plugin for you!

If you install this, then whenever you read SPUF threads, you’ll occasionally come across flashy CRITICAL POSTS. These posts are red-bordered and you’re not allowed to disagree with them.

On the other hand, I have random critical posts installed on SPUF! Get them yourself from this thread. Be warned: Trebel appears to be immune to critical posts.
Be warned: Trebel appears to be immune to critical posts.

The downside is you’re literally not allowed to rep critical posts, because they’re shameful and the poster should feel bad (but if you really, really want to, try refreshing the page).

If you’re computer illiterate like me and need a bit more direction for installing, this is a script for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey, which are must-have extensions (for Firefox and Chrome respectively) allowing dynamic page-changing scripts.

The quick and easy version:
– Install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey
– Download the script from here, when downloading the file (not just viewing) it should ask you something like “install Greasemonkey script”, wait and install
– Reload SPUF

This thread was the progenitor of the plugin and has a lot of users explaining how to install it through various means, I just quoted the one that ultimately worked for me.

Also comes in "Comic Sans" version, because random crits are hilarious
Also comes in “Comic Sans” version, because random crits are hilarious!

Personally, I believe that no argument about random criticals on SPUF is complete without this plugin. Thanks Thorisoka!