It’s been too long since we’ve done a SPUF event, and this one was always popular. The minisentry has also been nerfed since the last time we did these, so I think now is an appropriate time to do this.

2014-11-16 (Sunday) at 1:00 PM EST.

The server will be located in the central US. I will provide an IP a few hours before the match.


That’s right! Unlike previous seasons, we actually have rules! Organization! Can you believe it?
• Stay positive and have fun. Don’t be that guy screaming over the mic because your team lost mid to a bunch of engis.
• Show up (on time). I cannot stress this enough. It’s a huge pain trying to find a backup and it only makes it harder for us to be able to play.
• You must download the maps before the event. The server will not be configured to download maps. Downloads links are below.
• Anybody can play! Played in Gunslingers v Highlander before? It’s okay! You can play too! We’d just prefer if you gave people who haven’t played a chance too.

Even more organization! We’ll be using this handy little tool instead of in-game voice chat so we don’t lag the server. Don’t have a mic? It’s cool! Show up anyway!

That’s 2014-11-13 (Thursday) at 1:00 PM EST

You must post in the SPUF thread to be considered for a spot. There will not be signups for backups. If you want to be a backup, show up at the time of the event and we’ll put you in whatever spot is open.

PAYLOAD: pl_swiftwater_ugc
5CP: cp_process_final
KOTH: koth_ashville_rc1
*Payload maps will be played to 1 Half, stopwatch.
*5CP and KOTH will be played first to 3.

You MUST download pl_swiftwater_ugc and koth_ashville_rc1 before the match. The server will not be configured for map downloads.

BTW, if you have an idea for an event in the future, Kered13 can provide a server. PM him your idea and we can try to make it happen.