Everyone needs to play more TF2Kart; the devs have added additional maps, powerups, and other cool things since it came out, and I personally can’t stop playing it. On the whole it’s a super simple pick-up game that needs no explanation, but I’ve learned a couple tricks to augment my playing. If you’re ready to take your karting skills to the next level, read on.

Tip 1: Jump at the end of boost strips. Air velocity is maintained until you hit the ground again, meaning that you can get the most out of your boosts by being airborne when they run out. This is easiest to aim with the colored strips on all the maps, but if you can memorize how long it takes for Boost powerups to run out, you can gain some extra speed time by jumping before they run out.

Tip 2: Save a good powerup if you think you’re going to pass first place. The powerups are not completely random when bestowed upon collecting players; different placings are more likely to get certain pickups. In particular, the Lightning Strike is more often given to players trailing and the Uber never seems to go to first place. This is because an Uber powerup is super useful in first place, allowing you to nullify the next Lightning strike coming your way. If you’ve got an Uber powerup and are making your bid for first, see if you can hold onto it.

Tip 3: Bunny hop! Due to the movement mechanics, bunny-hopping is back and just as powerful as its reputation precedes. It’s hard to explain adequately how to do it (guides abound on the internet) but strafing while repeatedly jumping can let you maintain a speed higher than base.

Tip 4: Consider letting someone else be first for most of the race. One thing I tend to notice is that whoever’s in first for the majority of the race rarely wins unless they’re bunny-hopping and really pulling out the stops. Problem is that they have to contend with a seemingly endless slew of Lightning Strikes and the Powerup God seems fit to bestow nothing but bananas and useless rockets to them. Not only does it make for a far more exciting race, I’ve found that near victories are far easier to orchestrate. Get the right powerup, get in position, and execute your takeover at the perfect possible time. If someone behind you helpfully Lightning Strikes them, good for you.

The main thing to remember is that the meta-game is currently in a state of evolution, and that’s the most exciting time! As people learn new strategies and methods, the current strategy can change drastically. This is the time to play, as new ideas are being tested and the game mode evolves. See you on the race track!