Update 9/23/16: Game is now updated and playable on itch.io! Check it out there!

Good news! That project I’ve been working on has gone through so many iterations, that I recently checked it out and none of the code from the proof-of-concept ended up in the final product. Which means I can release that proof of concept to all of you!

I held onto this for a while to add a few things that I’d always wanted in there. Specifically, special attacks, stat-altering rages, and a few tweaks to fix blocking being able to indefinitely stall the game

The post below this one does a fine job of teasing the game, so without further ado here it is to download! If you find any bugs, I probably already know about them, but if they’re particularly bothersome (and you ask ardently enough) I’ll feel motivated to patch them. Which fighter is your favorite?

And finally, an apology. I don’t post for you guys nearly as often as I should, I’ve been devoting the lion’s share of my internet time to my other two blogs. If you want more regular posts, you should come read my analyses and video game reviews on the Daily SPUF, which as it’s name implies has a new article every day! I’m also an occasional columnist on Lambda Generation, a news site dedicated to Valve games. But I’m planning on things picking up over here as soon as this big secretive paid project is done. I can’t say much, but since Electra City was a proof of concept, you should be able to piece together at least the genre. 🙂