Written by aabicus while the Log In Via Steam button is borked.

In light of the recent reveal that Miss Pauling is gay, we here at the Daily SPUF thought the time has never been better to make a sobering announcement about a page that we all know and love.

Yes. Our Frequently Asked Questions page, viewable here, is gay.

We’ve never called it out. None of our readers have ever expressed an interest in knowing, or even reading it, because it’s a horribly outdated page I dashed out back when we were still a buggy mess on Blog.com and the first itsurblog was a current event. But yeah, it’s gay.

We hope this doesn’t affect your ability to read the page. It shouldn’t, it’s the same page you’ve always not read. You might even think that this announcement is completely unnecessary and does nothing to contribute to the identity of the page or the blog as a whole. And you might be right, but if we just go ahead and announce it anyway in a transparent attempt to get people talking about our work, there’s nothing you can do about it. We earned free progressive credit and didn’t have to find a way to organically incorporate the fact into an actual article.

So FAQ you, complainers. We hold the reins and can say whatever we want about our pages regardless of how little sense it makes. Just keep staying tuned for our bimonthly FAQ page updates, the next one’s coming real soon. Trust us.

Editor’s note: You know that bimonthly update? Well it is actually happening, even though it’s not bimonthly. It may have already happened for all you know.