This article’s existence is more of the culmination of a running gag than a legitimate article. It’s the Frankensteinian surgery of two articles that both sat laboriously in my Drafts folder for ages, silently judging me every time I opened up WordPress and viewed my dashboard.

Stop looking at me!

The earlier article began its life as “Good Offensive Teleporter Spots on Non-Payload Maps”, intended to be a sequel of sorts to this article. It’s only candidate was the first spot on this list, I added it and then continued playing TF2, confident that more would present themselves to me in time. Now here we are over a year later, and they didn’t.

The second article, the one one you are now reading, has a less checkered past but also a less focused premise. An obvious sequel to this article, it didn’t have enough content to publish on its own. Here we are a year later, and I finally am just deciding to throw caution to the wind, merge the two darn things, and get them out of my inbox for good.

1. The platform on koth_king as Engineer. Back before Engineer had things like the Rescue Ranger, transferring teleporters to clever hiding places took so much effort it was only really worth it on very long game modes. But in case you wanted to, this was an out-of-the-way spot on koth_king that requires only minimal Wrangler boosting.

koth_king teleporter

2. An amazing spot on pl_upward for your teleporter. Just check out this video, where an Engineer turns the most neglected room on pl_upward into an amazing spot to funnel his teammates right onto the final checkpoint.

3. Gravelpit BLU Spawn doors as any RED class – I’ve seen this strat like a million times by now, but at the time I added it to this article it must have seemed new and clever. Hell it might even be patched by now.

4. The Medium health kit on Turbine as any class – Hoo boy, this one’s showing its age a bit, isn’t it?

Valve has since added a prop that removes the need to mess with this brush manipulation, it was part of why we used it for the similarly-dated Eyelander Eyestravaganza.

And that’s it! What a great and thematic article. Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we publish something else.