The FBI Files update is live for Payday 2, and while the new stat-tracking website is amazing on a number of levels, players are mostly excited about the new bad guy who’s entered the battlefield. Captain Winters is the first police unit that comes with a unique name, unless you count Mr. Hyde the ubiquitous security guard from Payday:The Heist.


Protected by his shield and surrounded by a phalanx of lookalikes, Cn. Winters summons an unending assault wave that only dissipates if the heisters exit their comfort zone and go kill him. I find this refreshing, because in a cover-based shooter like Payday, a passive buff-focused enemy designed to force you to go on the offensive is a refreshing chance to adjust gameplay temporarily, and creates a new element of strategy since the players have to weigh the opportunity cost of risking an attack on Winters versus putting up with an endless assault. Remember teammates can only be traded from custody during a lull.

Now for what it’s worth I’ve played a half dozen heists since the update hit, most of which were stolen directly from Reddit posts mentioning encountering him, and he hasn’t shown up. So I’m not sure if he’s a rare spawn or something, but I hope to see him in action soon. For now, I’ll have to make do with this beautiful new inventory screen being the clearest sign the new update successfully installed: