While Payday 2 is certainly the more popular of the two games, Payday the Heist is indisputably harder. With seemingly endless waves of punishing aimbot police officers, the hardest difficulty “Overkill 145+” has remained the domain of only the most skilled teams of heisters.

Until now. Yesterday, Signor Tromboncino uploaded his playthrough of No Mercy, completing his playlist of soloing the entire game. For four of the heists he had bots and for the remaining five he was completely alone against the best the Washington PD had to throw at him.

His loadout of choice is the Bronco revolver, M308, and Grenade Launcher, though he doesn’t hesitate to switch something up if the map calls for more specialization. For example, in First World Bank he wields an AK47 and forgoes a Doctor Bag for a sentry gun, meaning he could never heal up for the entire heist. In contrast to the game’s camp-oriented nature, he is constantly moving; by circling around the map he can keep the assault waves behind him, picking off the few officers in his path and preventing himself from being overrun. He’s written a very informative Steam guide about high-level tricks and strategies for the game, and you can watch him put all of these tactics into play within his videos.

We’ve already talked about other examples of players soloing multiplayer games, but in my opinion Tromboncino takes the cake. Payday the Heist is crazy difficult even on normal, and I’ve learned a lot from watching him. If these videos interest you, he’s got a lot more on his full channel, including Overkill 145+ runs using the worst weapons, Deathwish Solo runs of the hardest heists in Payday 2, and pacifist runs.