We learned about “else if” today! “Else if” is used to differentiate two different commands so that only the first one happens, not all of them at once. Also got a mini-challenge to see if we could program the Enter key to display a string when pressed. I did it correctly in my head so that’s a good sign.

They’re going very slow in this section, but that’s a good thing. Not only is scripting probably the hardest thing we’re going to face as budding programmers, but I have bonus motivation because I can’t actually follow along until I get home. Though now that I think about it, I’m not traveling around anywhere else so I could jury-rig Mom’s apple up and code there. Thoughts for a day that isn’t Christmas.

Shout out to my favorite gift of this Christmas, Justin! Second place was GI Joe: Commando Attack which is literally the best board game on the planet bar none. That’s right, that one you’re thinking of right now is worse. Go play GI Joe Commando Attack and try to disagree with me.