Whew, flew back to Austin today. The trip to my family’s was really one of the best I’ve ever had. I had heartfelt conversations with all three of them individually, and we had deep conversations as a family and I think we all learned a lot about each other and our bonds only strengthened. Also got to see old friends and even had a good trip to Grandma’s in there and everybody came away happy. Top Notch.

I’m not actually that tired but I do have the writing bug, feel super motivated to finish this story I started called “The Delectable Constable” but I can’t leave Unity hanging so I finished 80% of rewatching Course 2 in its entirety and updating my game to have all the right stuff. (Note to future self: that means tomorrow continue from course 19) Tomorrow I’ll finish catching up to Course 2 and complete Number Wizard so I can move onto Course 3, which hopefully includes how to publish this game.

Fun fact: Everytime something was broken it turned out I either missed a semi-colon or added an extra space. EVERY TIME. I better get used to this, I suspect.