For the last few days, SPUFers have noticed that it’s almost impossible to view SPUF threads. The main page loads slowly enough, as do miscellaneous pages like User CP, but clicking on actual threads often just leads to this after ten minutes of loading:

SPUF is ded

SPUFers, not letting something silly like a lack of actual threads stop them, proceeded to carry on conversations via thread previews and puzzling out why new threads occasionally work for a little bit before succumbing to the 503s. Gyoku was the first to sum up the problem in a way the rest of us could read:

based gyoku

As soon as a thread exceeds 9 replies, it breaks. Luckily this means there’s a solution, discovered by pizzahut. Go to User CP, Options and set “Number of Posts to Show Per Page” to 5. Sucks to be you if you’re a lurker without an account, though. Or on mobile, I can’t get any page to load on my phone.

Hopefully Valve fixes this, because at the moment SPUF’s discussion-making is stymied by the incredibly long loading times even when you get the page to load. But at least we now can read it.