Man, once again, I really let this blog down. Haven’t posted on it since last year.

But this year is starting off with a bang because we’re making a text-based adventure game! Hell yeah! Using nothing but inventory puzzles and text, we’re going to tell a simple story about a prisoner escaping from a cell. Exciting!

I’m not interested in using their plot either; I’m going bold. I’m telling my OWN plot. I also read through all the design documents, of which there were multiple, so I’m counting that as my second video. Cleaning day here at the house, I’m doing all the dishes and lugging the recycling out to the curb.

UPDATE: I lied, I kept going! Created the new project, ignored the part where I’m supposed to download a title card named ‘Prison’ (got my own instead from this helpful site) and now we’re ready to start making this game. Im super jazzed about making a text-based adventure game, they’re one of my favorite genres, so I’m moving faster than usual)