enums are kinda fucking me up. Every time I post what we wanted, it works fine, but he’s asking us to do a unique storyline, and whenever I make any changes it breaks. Dunno why, his says “You see a mirror. Press M to view the Mirror”, and mine says “You see a clipboard. Press C to read the clipboard” but clipboard.exe just doesn’t work. 😦

I’m not rolling my data back again (I’ve come too far) but I’m gonna get up early tomorrow and try to fix the problems so my game works like his. So looks like one more day on Video 31. Last one, I promise.

Also in an attempt to get to know the project better, I watched the wrap-up. I just wanted to see what sort of style the game was in its final stage. I guess I was expecting more of a game with inventory puzzles and all but it’s really more of a Choose Your Own Adventure with static ‘rooms’, and use of inventory puzzles are actually just jumping to different rooms called ‘this room but when you use this inventory item’. That makes coding a wee bit more complicated methinks. But maybe I’ll stick with that, I never liked inventory puzzles anyway and part of my goal was to make Find the Cure! a huge backstory-releasing lore-building experiment for the Darwin’s Soldiers universe. Food for thought.

For what its worth, I wasnt completely useless today. Wrote 3 articles for the Daily SPUF, redownloaded FRAPS, now I’ve just gotta redownload Sony Vegas and Photoshop and I can start back on that whole dream of making videos. While I’m at it, I should sync all my favorite games to Twitch so I can stream while I play. I mean, why not? It’s just me playing, but with the chance for people to watch me. Plus if something badass happens I can keep a record of it.