Yeah, no real excuse here. I slept all day.

I just rewatched that 45-second video from Course 3, I know it did nothing to further my coding career and today was basically the first day off I’ve taken. Instead I started collecting footage for my upcoming video. The Daily SPUF is a mere 15 days away from being at its 1000th article, and Medic and I thought it’d be cool if we had a video, and used that video to springboard both of our budding desires to become video content creators. I’m thinking of adapting my old “On Shooters” series into videos with visuals, but Medic thinks I need ‘something for people to rally behind’. So I might do it on all the fucking Valve trading delays. They’ve put so many damn ways to stop someone from giving something to someone else…

But I’m gonna need a microphone in order to record my voice, so I grabbed one. And threw in a webcam while I was at it. And touched up my Twitch account so it didn’t look like shit. And connected all my Favored games to Twitch’s OBS. I earned my day off all right???????????

Got my 20 minutes of biking done at least >: