Okay, time for some honesty. I know im slacking with the whole unity thing, just watching these easy-as-shit CTF videos that I’m not even going to use. But one thing is, right now I felt motivated to finish a project that I left on the bac burner a really long time ago.

Electra City is 95% there to being a sellable game. Probably not sold for very much, but if it had sound it’d be done. I aim to make it done within the next two days. I need two royalty-free songs (main menu, game screen), and a bunch of fighting sound effects. I’ve located a good site for sound effects but I havent located some royalty-free music I really like. Normally I’d be less picky but come on, it’s two songs.

Watched another CTF video on platformers. Learned nothing. All right, this is a promise: tomorrow I WILL rewatch that fucking 18-minute video and iron out the Unity kinks on Number Wizard UI.

In other news, textbook rush is officially over at the coop. They told me they’d keep me on Tues-Thurs-Sunday schedule, but today they called and said actually they don’t have the funds for that, they’ll be happy to rehire me in August. Don’t really have the money for that, and nude modeling isn’t paying enough to live off, so I’m needing to find a new job and fast.