When I wrote “4 Reasons to Bind a Key to Suicide“, I was certainly expecting that to be a one-off article. When I surprised myself by finding 4 more, I once again figured that had to be it. How many different competitive advantages could TF2 possibly have for dropping dead on the spot?

Well, as my recent video shows, the new weapon-pickup mechanic has introduced a whole host of new ways a player can have fun with their loadout slots by granting themselves multiple copies of weapons to pick up. As its preceding article noted, two major exploits involve the Demoman and the Spy. There’s very little reason a Persian Persuader Demoman wouldn’t want to start his life off with 80% more ammo than he’s supposed to, and Your Eternal Reward spies have one of their major downsides (having to start out without a disguise) completely negated.

But one of the biggest tricks I learned from KentFloof on Reddit, and it involves the Dead Ringer. Disguising as a friendly player and feigning with the Dead Ringer will allow you to drop a usable clone of their weapon on the ground. That’s some mind-bending stuff there from a canon perspective, almost as bad as the Vita-Saw.


But what use is it? The primary use I can see is if weapon-switching ever enters the meta and/or a teammate needs access to a non-traditional ammo refill (or possibly even a different weapon.) Spies can carry a Kritzkrieg to the midfight so that the friendly Medic can swap after winning the midfight with a traditional Uber. This is the sort of trick that requires communication, but if it works, I can add another bullet point to this list (and this one, come to think of it.)

So there’s three, now I need a fourth one to keep the theme going. Well, SPUFer 1101 0100 has me covered, by reminding me that sometimes it’s not the weapon, it’s the physics object you drop.

I referenced this myself in the end credits to my Youtube video where I use the Loose Cannon to break Borneo last. This weapon-dropping mechanic is just getting better and better. I know a lot of this stuff is fixable, but some of it’s getting so unusual I’m not sure exactly how Valve plans to stop them from happening. And new ones are just gonna pop up as people take 8 years worth of weapons and find bizarre ways the physics objects and weapon stats clash.