You think you have it bad, being girlfriendless on Valentine’s Day? Try being bisexual and single, we get that feeling when we look at anyone.

And yes, I let the day count nudge forward just so Valentine’s Day could be day 69. I’m totally an adult, you guys.

Made progress on the game, but I’m not sure if I’m okay with abandoning the Unity course till the 18th. Like, I’m making headway on Gamer 2, really, but, like…its fucking Gamer 2. Talk about a time sink. I mean sure, finishing it and throwing it up on to bolster my portfolio  would be useful but you know what would be even more useful? Doing the same shit with Unity games! Add like microtransactions and whatever I want, install Blender and GIMP and make harder faster better stronger games and put THOSE on So I’m abandoning the hiatus as of tomorrow. I can get them both done at the same time. I mean, I’m unemployed right now. NOW is the time to get as much training as possible so I can keep it going when I have to juggle a job and real life responsibilities.