UPDATE: Going to video settings and dropping everything to low/disabled makes it possible to play on AMD graphics cards! Whatever the problem is, it must be the same one that was plaguing ctf_2fort_invasion when it first came out. Please ignore how salty I was in this article. 

Operation Wildfire just went live for Counter Strike: Global Offensive! The new Wildfire campaign comes with single and two-player missions, as well as bonus Blitz missions “for performing specific actions during global windows of opportunity”. Whatever that means. I’d love to tell you but apparently people with AMD graphics cards crash immediately upon joining a server, so I can’t actually play and find out. Amazing how quickly I regret dropping the six bucks.

I know I’m ragging on Valve for this soon-fixed glitch, but I was shamelessly hoping to quickly drop something decent and sell it to get my money back.

Buncha new maps too, including a complete redesign of Nuke that adds a lot more traversible roofs, toggleable shutters and redesigned vents. It sounds like a lot of fun, but like I mentioned, I can’t actually play. The new map that really caught my eye was the cruise ship mission, since I adore maps on boats. Payday actually had a cut heist that took place on a cruise ship, a fact that will forever make me sad. Whenever Valve gets around to making the game playable again for AMD users (no doubt after any chance at turning crates for profit) I’m trying the cruise ship map first thing. I’m only a few XP away from leveling up, so I might drop one of the new great-looking skins as well.

The last I saw of Nuke before crashing to desktop.
The last I saw of new Nuke before crashing to desktop.

But to those of you who can play, knock yourself out. The cases are selling for 11 bucks right now, so the profit’s there, and maybe the missions themselves might be worth playing for the fun factor too. I dunno. Make sure to tell me if it was fun.

Oh, I did, CS:GO. I did.
Oh I had a blast, CS:GO. I really did.