Now there’s a 2016 Olympics you can attend without catching Zika!

The Overwatch Olympics event has come with a new game mode, Lucioball, starring my personal favorite class in a 3v3 soccer match extremely reminiscent of Rocket League. I’ve played a crapton of it already and it’s insanely fun.

I scored! As a career goalie, this was a pretty exciting event for me.
I scored! As a career goalie, this was a pretty exciting event for me.

However, Lucioball is the only part of the update that I can honestly get excited about. The new Summer Loot Crates come with only a single guaranteed summer event item, and all summer event items aren’t obtainable any other way, even credits. There are so, so many summer sprays and summer player icons flooding the loot pool that it’s no surprise I earned nothing relevant in all seven loot boxes I earned tonight. It’s a pretty pathetic cash grab only forgiveable due to being completely cosmetic, but I wish I didn’t love the skins so much since I’ll likely never get them. At least let me use my 1500 credits I have literally nothing else to spend on.

Hanzo's not pleased he didn't get any cool new skins. Don't worry Hanzo, neither did I.
Hanzo’s not pleased he didn’t get any cool new summer skins. Don’t worry Hanzo, most of us didn’t either.

All in all though, Lucioball is worth the entire update, and I can’t overstate how fun it is. Shame it’ll only be a thing for the 3 weeks this event is going. If you own Overwatch, give it a go!