So I  was going to write an article on how annoyed I was with the system Blizzard currently has for unlocking the new Summer cosmetics, since they can only obtained in summer loot boxes, which only have 1-2 summer cosmetic slots and 90% of the summer unlocks are worthless voice lines and sprays. There’s absolutely no way to increase your odds of landing something you actually care about, and here I’ve got 1600 credits just wasting space on my account because I’ve already bought everything I could possibly want except the awesome new Widowmaker summer skin. I understand why they did it, they want people to buy loot boxes and play during the event, but could they at least make summer loot crates drop “summer credits” that can be spent on the new skins? Something to keep it from being completely and unfairly RNG-based.

But then this happened and I completely don’t care anymore.

Get bent, haters! The bread and circuses are in MY town!

So instead I’m going to write an article about the other problem troubling me; I miss the amazing Mystery Heroes brawl. For those who missed it, the only difference to normal play was the inability to choose your character; instead you’d become a new one every time you died. This created the coolest meta, because if you landed something you were good with, you played damn careful because a single death meant you were thrown back into the roulette. Obviously, this segued into the best part of the game mode; you could practice new heroes completely shame-free. Nobody cared if you were the worst McCree in the universe; it wasn’t your fault you had to play him, and everybody else was too busy trying to master their own character to focus on how you were doing. It was a truly stress-free environment, which I genuinely appreciated.

Furthermore, Ultimates actually became something impressive, since you had to stay alive long enough to charge the thing without getting killed and respawning with your meter wiped.

It was a great way to experience heroes for the first time, which I suspect is why it was the first brawl in the queue when the game was released. I played so much of it because it forced me to try all the new heroes, as I am a creature of habit and found myself just playing Lucio over and over in Quickplay. I didn’t want to let my team down by not playing the best healer.

And yes, the main reason I care about this all of a sudden is that I want to show off my amazing new Widowmaker skin but I suck as the character. Heck, RNG loves me in this game; I’ve got legendary skins for several other characters I never touch, and the Mystery Heroes brawl would get me the most coverage in that front while letting me improve at said characters so maybe I could touch them in Quickplay without embarrassing myself. It’s really just an amazing game mode on so many levels, I can’t bear to wait for it to eventually resurface every so often in the brawl queue. I genuinely wish Blizzard would make Mystery Heroes its own permanent thing, the game and its players would be all the better for having it.