Hi old blog! Here’s what I’ve been up to last few days. (Did wordpress change something massive? Everything’s layout is stupid):

  1. Just got back from Scotland. Was fucking awesome. We saw sites and sights and suites and I think even Dad enjoyed himself since we did a guided tour for once, meaning he didn’t need to drill sergeant us everywhere. There’ll be a long article about my trip on the Daily SPUF soon.
  2. Speaking of which, I’ve ported EVERY post of mine from the Daily SPUF (and Lambda Generation) to a backup blog https://aabicus.wordpress.com/ so that if the main blog goes down again (like what just happened with the Daily SPUF, scaring the crap out of everyone) I’ll at least have my work.
  3. Electra City is done except for music, which a musician friend of mine is doing. Says they’ll be done in the next few days. All righty…
  4. I’ve enrolled in this and I’m fucking terrified. It claims to be for beginner/amateur game developers, but look at that syllabus! C++, trigonometry, Blender…they’re not fucking around. But summer’s over, now we’re in sink or swim territory. Wish me luck.