Date: 9/17/2016

Time spent: 2 hours

tODAY i SETUP ALL MY LOGINS AND FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET INTO THE SITE. Then I fixed my Capslock and familiarized myself with the textbooks and the videos, of which there are many. This course seems to mainly be a series of videos that you watch, much like Udemy, and assignments are, now that I’ve actually started, less time-focused than they led me to believe. I would have preferred a little more authority, to be perfectly honest. I’m also a little ticked off at the part where they explain “you’re going to need a compiler. Specifically Microsoft Visual which is a hundred dollars.” This flies right in the face of their assurances that everything you’d need for the course was included for free.


The other part I love is right here:


Not that I’m surprised or anything, that sounds a lot more realistic than the lofty promises they were making me, but of course we don’t get to do anything actually fun until you buy Course II. This was a total mistake, but I’m financially invested so I don’t have much of a choice.

It really sucks that I’m hitting D2 of the situational leadership model on my very first day, but I think most of it is buyer’s remorse. This was a fucking stupid idea to buy this course, it wasn’t even what I actually want. What I actually want is to go somewhere with human beings and learn how to code in a brick-and-mortar institution with homework and study groups, not be stuck yet again in front of this computer with nobody except Parker, my programming assistant. My major personality flaw is self-motivation for non-writing shit; I do not work well when its just me berating myself to go do my work, I want deadlines and humans expecting me to do things.


No offense Parker, but I made this mistake before, and for a LOT less money. And now they’re changing the rules immediately, and I don’t see how I’m possibly going to learn to program from this monotone female voice droning on about matrices and shit. Seriously, she’s giving me unpleasant memories of Mavis Beacon from my middle school years.