Today was a big day for gaming announcements! The 4th Annual Payday Christmas event was announced yesterday, and it involves the return of everybody’s favorite Escort NPC, Vlad’s drunkard step-brother who screws up another mission and requires the Payday gang to rescue him! In addition to the new heist, we got a new pulse-pounding song from studio musician OVERKILL_Bubba and two masks inspired by the Paycheck gang, a reddit in-joke making fun of the many, many bootleg clown masks from cheap third-party websites and dime stores.

The gang’s all here!

But wait…who’s that mysterious man looking away from the camera? We didn’t have to wait long to find out…today Overkill announced the Scarface packs, two new DLC that bring the original kingpin of crime into the Payday gang! Now we can play him with Jacket, Bodhi and Jimmy and have a full team of people who died, came back to life and decided to rob banks!

People are super excited about this new heist, because not only does it bring back the Butcher as a contractor, it takes place in Miami (Jacket gets to go home!) in a gorgeous beachside mansion, soon to be drenched in pirate blood. New weapons includes a shotgun, a rocket launcher, and Scarface’s signature M16 with underslung grenade launcher. Me, I can’t wait to get my hands on the chainsaw. Keep an eye on the announcement website, where Days 2 and 3 will announce more of the upcoming content! Though the end credits in the announcement video kinda spoil it…

Journeying across time and space, Overwatch is having its own Christmas event, and it went live yesterday!

While there’s not as much new content as the Payday event, the old content has been further polished with amazing new skins, Christmas redecorations for the King’s Row and Hanamura maps, and an all-new brawl where 12 Meis duke it out on Ecopoint: Antarctica in a deadly snowball fight. Personally, I think this game mode symbolically chronicles Mei going insane after coming out of cryostasis and finding herself the only survivor. The Christmas decorations reflect her desperate yearnings for the happy comforts of home, and her survivor’s guilt is manifesting through murdering multiple copies of herself.

Speaking of Mei, her new skin turns her into a snowman during Iceblock! That’s the only reason it’s worth three thousand bloody coins. Picture by Wongstah.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you feel like being a good guy or a bad guy this Christmas, your favorite games have you covered. Happy Holidays!