With SPUF’s death, the community has been exploring its options for continuing on some other site. Posters from the Off Topic SPUF section are meeting up on their Steam Group, others are discussing the situation on SCUD and reddit, and we from TF2 have mostly been congregating on r/SPUF, though it’s really intended as more of a temporary “what do we do now” hub while we find a better place.

A better place to keep our community going is SPUFpowered, a forum filled with old SPUF regulars who have existed in their shadowy little corner of the internet for years now. Walking its halls are loads of old users from the days of SPUF yore, and they’ve let us know that they’re more than welcome to accept any and all new members, whether you’re from SPUF or you just read this blog because the Steam Powered User Forums weren’t accepting new members for the last few years.

Make sure to change your theme to SPUF Dark unless you want it to look like this.

See you there!