Warning: Lotsa butts in these screenshots. Also assume that every hyperlink leads to a NSFW site. 

Despite nude mods being far-and-away the most prevalent type of available mods in the gaming sphere, halfway-decent male nudes are way more difficult to find than you’d expect. There are a couple different reasons, the first being there are far fewer people wanting or making them, but even more important is the added complications of sculpting the male form. A female nude mod is sometimes as simple as editing some underwear off a pre-existing texture square, but a male mod requires modeling, rigging, positioning and (optionally) jiggleboning a brand new body part, which is frankly outside the purview of many games’ moddabilities.

But that just makes the good ones all the more special. To qualify for this list, each mod had to fulfill a couple base requirements: no Ken Doll crotches, no permanent erections, and no texture-only danglies. All three look pretty bad, and you didn’t come here to settle for subpar.

1. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 nude mod

Left 4 Dead 2 was the first male nude mod I ever found, and remains one of my favorites due to its ease of installation and how much I love the base game. Ellis has a couple new tattoos and Ellis jr. is fully jiggleboned, so it passes my parameters with flying colors. Modder MTK worked on this mod for quite some time, and it’s now as simple to install as dragging the .vpk into your addons folder. At some point he removed the pubic hair from the model, but I prefer the nonshaved version so you can download it from the description in my old demonstration video. (My version also gives Ellis a John Deere hat, just cause I like it.)

 2. ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved nude mod

ARK Survival Evolved is a great game, taking the standard survival storyline and adding tameable dinosaurs into the mix. While the character-customization sliders are pretty unremarkable (deviating more than a few ticks from the default turns you into a caricatured homunculus), the game’s going to give you plenty of opportunities to run around in the buff after a raptor ambush murders you and leaves all your gear somewhere in no-man’s land. Naturalism 2 is the most popular nude mod for ARK, and you can easily install it straight from the Workshop.

Also, gotta give a free shoutout to Conan Exiles, an extremely-similar game that comes with full nudity pre-packaged within the game options. If you enjoy ARK, you’ll likely enjoy Conan and visa versa.

3. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online took first-place in my article dedicated to female nudes, and it’s equally impressive for anyone hoping to play an adonis over an amazon. The lighting, textures, and sound design create beautiful landscapes for you to run around in, and the player characters themselves are equally detailed; I still think it retains its title as the best-looking nude mod in this series. But there are two major downsides to the Resorepless mod everyone uses: (1) BDO has heavily cracked down on external mods, and right now only the North America servers won’t ban it on detection, and (2) the textures for the male genitalia have fixed colors, so you can’t deviate from the default skintone for any given class without it looking weird. The game is also (in my opinion) boring as heck to actually play. But the nude mod is really good!

4. Dead Or Alive 6

Dead Or Alive 6 is a shameless collect-a-thon of a game, meaning you’ll have tons of characters to choose from if you take the plunge. All the male nudes can be downloaded here and they’re top-notch, but installation will take some getting used to. I recommend watching this video to get the hang of REDELBE, and don’t even try playing without a controller. You’re also going to need the swimsuit DLC, as those are the skins the mod replaces. But once you do all that, this is a solid fighting game with a ton of content and customizeable options that live up to the franchise’s cheesecake reputation.

5. Fallout 4

fallout 4 nude mod

Really, this spot on the list should have been “Any Bethesda game ever.” I doubt any of you readers hadn’t already known you could go download literally any mod you could want for any Elder Scrolls or Fallout game and go to town. But that does mean that you can find some really killer customization options due to the sheer volume of nude mods available. I’m a bit of a traditionalist so I use Enhanced Vanilla Bodies since it merely strips the default models of their underwear, but there are many crazier or more attractive options for those bold enough to take their fantasies further. The sky is literally the limit.

6. Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 nude mod

You may be wondering why you’d need a nude mod for Cyberpunk 2077, a game that famously advertised itself as coming with customizeable genitals. Well, for some reason, the base game only allows your character to be naked in the inventory/character creation screen; if you go streaking in actual gameplay, you’ll see unremovable underwear in first-person and photo mode. The devs have stated this was intentional, so for now the Underwear Remover on NexusMods is likely the best option we’ll be getting. The installation is super easy too, just download the mod file, drag your Cyberpunk 2077 folder onto the mod file, and it searches and replaces the necessary files without a single click of the mouse. And considering the game currently corrupts your save file if it gets too large, perhaps this is a good time to not go collecting clothing anyway…

It’s a real shame that male nude mods are far, far rarer than their female equivalents. You’d think by 2021 we’d have more than just a few choices considering how nude mods are the most prolific category of mod on the internet, but it was honestly difficult to find five games that met the standards I’ve come to expect in my mods. Oh well. The number can only go up as more games come out, and at least we’ve got a few quality titles to tide us over in the meantime!