Looking for an open-world sci-fi strategy game? Satellite Reign is a co-op isometric shooter where you and up to three friends can sneak, shoot, steal and sabotage your way through a massive cyberpunk city. Satellite Reign is true open-world; there are no limitations and you can go anywhere and uncover new missions while you explore the city. It sounds like the perfect cross between Rainbow Six and Agents of Mayhem, and I can’t wait to give this game a try.

Each of your four agents can be tailored to suit your play style. Choose their skills, weapons, gear, augmentations, and even their genetic base by cloning exceptional individuals from the general population.

Said game is available for free on Humble Bundle for today and tomorrow, so don’t miss out!

Update: Turns out there’s a second free game available right now! Eador: Masters of a Broken World is a turn-based strategy game that’s celebrating its 5-year anniversary by going free-to-download for a limited time!

The only DLC, Allied Forces, which adds two more units to every playable faction, is also discounted and costs only $1.99 while the giveaway is happening.